Iā€™m Gabriela Sudirja, freshly graduated Interaction Design student from Art Center, College of Design.

I design digital products that help people in their daily lives through inventive, yet practical applications that ultimately create lasting impact. My process is research driven as I know that designing for change comes from real user insights. It is my job to find the balance in creating desirable, feasible and viable solutions for both business and user.


Ultimate Ears, Logitech
User Experience Designer, Spring 2019

Evolve Collaborative
User Experience Design Intern, Fall 2018

Sentient Research, Sponsored Project, Spring 2019
UX/UI Designer, Design Researcher

MIT WoodsHole Oceanographic Institution, Sponsored Project, Spring 2018
UX/UI Designer, Design Researcher

Hyundai, Sponsored Project, Spring 2018
UX/UI Designer

Art Center IxD Department Designer, Spring 2018
UI Designer